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magnetic bearing
Established in 1998, China Xiaowei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in magnetic bearing manufacturer and design many kinds of bearings. We have a modernized staffs of tech research and fog machine development, ISO9001 certificated, and manufacturing adopts advanced domestic and foreign standards such as GB, API, JIS, DIN, BS, NF and ANSI.
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magnetic bearing
Magnetic bearings are an attractive alternative to ball bearings for several key reasons. Magnetic bearings provide electromagnetic suspension of the inner race, therefore, replacing the ball component with an air gap. An obvious advantage of magnetic bearings is that there is no physical contact between the inner and outer race, eliminating problems cause by friction such as maintenance, wear, and failure issues. Magnetic bearings do not require lubrication, as ball bearings do. An electromagnet levitates the inner shaft. A sensor constantly monitors the position of the inner shaft, sending feedback back to the power supply. The power supply then adjusts the current in the electromagnet in order to keep the inner shaft centered. In complex systems, this process could happen thousands of times a second. An exterior force is used to spin the inner shaft, or in our case, the steel ball. Our sponsor is particularly interested in the design of magnetic bearings for flywheel applications. For flywheel operation, a motor is used to spin a disc, creating kinetic energy. The kinetic energy is stored in the spinning disc until it is needed, at which point the kinetic energy is converted back into electrical energy.
magnetic bearings
The Danfoss Turbocor family of compressors' rotor shafts and impellers levitate during rotation and float on a magnetic cushion. Two radial and one axial magnetic bearing are employed. Bearing sensors feed back real-time orbit information to digitally controlled bearings. Centered rotation is instantaneously self-corrected and maintained. When not powered, the rotor is supported by carbon composite, touchdown bearings designed for years of use. Three magnetic-bearing reaction wheels apply a torque on the satellite to rotate it about one of its three axes. - Two magnetic torquers interact with the Earth's magnetic field to generate torques and thus control the speed of rotation of the reaction wheels. In certain operating modes (chiefly acquisition and fallback failure modes), thrusters may be used instead of the reaction wheels and magnetic torquers. The thrusters generate a moment arm about the satellite's centre of mass that induces a rotation about one of the three axes. The magnetic turbo generator is made of a turbine wheel driving a high speed generator mounted on two magnetic bearings. Magnetic bearings consist of three main components; a magnetic actuator, a sensor, and a feedback controller. To understand how magnetic bearings work, one must first understand the role of the three components used in levitation.
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