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supercharger pulley
Established in 1998, China Xiaowei Bearing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in supercharger pulley manufacturer and design many kinds of bearings. We have a modernized staffs of tech research and fog machine development, ISO9001 certificated, and manufacturing adopts advanced domestic and foreign standards such as GB, API, JIS, DIN, BS, NF and ANSI.
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supercharger pulley
Ford Mustang (86-95)
8-Rib, 3"
Built for the (86-95) Ford Mustang... The easiest and most effective way to get more power from your supercharged motor, upgrading the pulley. These pullies are made of 6061 T-6 aluminum, hard anodized and built to SAE standards. CNC machined for maximum surface contact. This pulley is made from aircraft quality 6061T6 heat treated aluminum and uses a taper fit design for easy installation. Securing the pulley are 6 grade 10 stainless steel bolts. This ensures equal distribution of clamping force, zero corrosion and strength needed for this application. We've also anodized the pulley black to maintain a stock appearance thus avoiding any blatant indication of the upgrade. Stealthy, just the way we like it! Rotational weight is a critical factor that impacts supercharger performance. Other pullies on the market that are made of stainless steel weigh more than the stock pulley! This directly affects how fast the supercharger reaches full boost. Madness pullies weigh less than half the weight while maintaining excellent reliability.
supercharger pulleys
BMW Cooper Mini
15% Reduction
Built for the BMW Cooper Mini... Perrin Performance 15% and 19% reduction supercharger pulleys do just that. With the simple installation of this pulley and no other modifications will raise boost 3-4 lbs. NOTE: Some fluctuation in boost is normal and the actual gain will vary based on other factors including exhaust, intake etc. For a minimal amount of money, the MINI Cooper S Supercharger Pulley can make even the Monday commute seem like a run around Laguna Seca. The stock pulley is one of the first things BMW MINI Cooper S owners replace to increase the performance of their car. Changing to a 15% smaller supercharger pulley on an otherwise stock motor has been shown, through independent testing, to provide increases of 15-20 horsepower with similar increases in torque. The smaller supercharger pulley causes the unit to spin faster and create more boost. More boost=bigger grin! Stock Mini Cooper S engines will see a 3-4 pound increase in boost. Add to that a modified intake or exhaust and your Mini Cooper S will have even bigger power gains.
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